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10 Things Most Guys Look For In A Girl

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Okay so we've all heard so many views and opinions on the type of girl men really want. And to be honest seeing as there are so many different types of guys with their endless list of so called preferences who actually cares what they really want? Well if you do we've listed 10 things most guys look for in a girl, well in our opinion anyways. 


NUMBER 1! Physical Appearance 
Lets not pretend that physical appearance is not one of the main things a guy looks for first. Yes they say they don't really care about the way you look but most times they only say this just to spare your feelings, but kudos to those fellas your the reason we walk pass a Krispy Creams and grab an box without feeling guilty. 


NUMBER 2! The Ability To Cook Up A Storm In The Kitchen 
Yes your great grandfather would come home to a banquet on the table, a feast fit for a king. But lets be real, Your great grandfather was probably out building houses so a feast is what he deserves. These days some men do nothing and expect a feast to be given to them without lifting a finger for the entire week let alone that one day. Most guys state that they want a girl who can at least cook main dishes which is understandable. Iv all heard that saying if a guy is out bringing in the money then a girl should do the cooking (so 1950's). What do you think? Comment your views below.


NUMBER 3! Smooth Skin
It’s an aphrodisiac. Men just loves smooth skin seeing as they love to touch nonstop. Its sometimes hard to get smooth skin let alone maintaining it. We've seen so many YouTube videos of tips and tricks on how to get smooth healthy looking skin. If you have not viewed any we have added a couple to get you motivated. Whip off that makeup and show that smooth glowing skin, he'll love it!




NUMBER 4! Ambition 
Which guy ever said yes i want to marry her because she sits on the sofa and watches catch up TV like a real trooper? Says no guy. A little ambition is better than non girl. You cant expect to do nothing with your life and be his dream girl. Whether your breast are huge or your bum is round eventually those things become irrelevant to a guy who needs an ambitious woman. The thrill of knowing you and your woman are both grinding and making the most out of life is like no feeling in the world. An ambitious girl is a keeper!


NUMBER 5! Quietness 
Nag, nag, nag! You make a comment your nagging, you make a statement your nagging. you stay quiet there's a problem so you open your mouth and what do your know, your nagging. These are the words used by many men. Lets be fair now girls, woman are more emotional creatures than men so when we see a problem they may not. I guess sometimes we just have to cut them some slack, most times its not deliberate they really don't see what we see.


 NUMBER 6! Not Too Much Make-up
Now there's different levels of makeup. There's makeup then there's makeupppp then there's flipping caking it on babe. We as girls love to dress up and create new looks with our makeup and ever since we learnt to highlight and contour the hell out of our face our makeup abilities have risen higher than ever. But we know most guys aint a huge fan of makeup due to them thinking there is a whole new woman under that Fenty foundation. Guys hate the fact that their white T's turn into bright orange or brown T's in 0.2 seconds. Truth is all men have different views when it comes to makeup and if you have a guy who does not mind a little makeup then good on him because a girl loves a good blusher on a Friday night. We are girls and we love makeup so contour that cheek bone and highlight that nose, just try to tone it down if its starts to get beyond the point of cute.


NUMBER 7! Sense Of Humour 
Seriously, not being able to take a joke probably the single most unattractive quality a girl can have. Nobody likes a sour face. You know those types of girls who never gets a joke or takes life to seriously. Guys tend to hate that, they want a girl they can be serious when needs be but goof around at time because lets face it most men love having fun and messing around. Throw a little banter in the mix girl, life will be much sweeter. 


NUMBER 8! Hairless
Ever had that one boyfriend who would randomly pop over without giving you the heads up so you quickly answer the door and run straight into the shower pretending you was already in there and start shaving the hell out of your body. Yes yes we've all been there sister! Were some men don't mind hair on a girls body most men prefer their girlfriend to help silky smooth skin, literally everywhere. Whip of the razor or even yet the Veet removal cream.  


 NUMBER 9! Clean Hygiene 
You know those guys that like to smell your hair whilst your laying on their chest or those guys that kiss you everywhere. All in all just make sure your clean because guys notice the smallest things from dirt under your fingernails to your foundation that you bravely decided to leave on for an extra day. Save your money girl but maybe not by recycling your foundation. 


NUMBER 10! A Bit Of Feisty Attitude 

Okay so no one likes a total B***h but its has come to our attention that men love a woman with a bit of fiery passion. A woman who shows a bit of spirit in a relationship. No one is saying be an aggressive woman but no one likes a boring Betty. Its been said that men like women who are feisty because they are relatively good in bed. Whether this theory is true we do not know but they strongly believe that women with attitude becomes someone of a bedroom bully. If that's the case be happy with a everyday bully and not just a bedroom one, we cant pick or choose when our feisty spirit decides to show its self! 


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  • Christina : January 06, 2018

    ? Number 8 is funny. Great post!

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