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Eyeliner Hacks

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If your the type of girl to glam up with a little eyeliner from time to time then you will know the struggles of getting that wing to actually look like a wing and not an over sized tick from a essay. That's why we have added a new tips and tricks to get the prises and drop dead eyeliner look whether its a killer wing your after of a subtle little line. 

by Karina Garcia 



  1. Get yourself a magnifying mirror, the more you see the better.
  2. Use a piece of paper to get that perfect like 
  3. Use liquid eyeliner instead of gel
  4. Use your foundation to cover up any mistakes after you have applied your eyeliner 
  5. Sketch it out with a pencil first then apply your liquid eyeliner

Most people find it easier to draw the wing first. This is because once you have mastered the wing the rest usually follows, Just remember not to keep packing it on or you will be left with a NIKE logo on your eyes

"I always use pen eyeliners because I think of it like a marker. Start with the wing! Then, use a cotton swab to make them even. Just fill in the triangle shape after that. Also, I tend to do better when I don't put a lot of pressure on myself for it to be perfect. If you psych yourself out, you'll be too nervous to draw a straight line."—Brillian Qi-Bell, Facebook

Remember to look down into your mirror for a better view.


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